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I Stan: Nicki & Vivvy

The time has arrived for me to express my gratitude for two individuals who make my relationship with San Francisco sweeter, day by day: Nicki Jizz and Vivvyanne ForeverMore Not one individual has showered me with more love, booked me for more gigs, and publicly expressed their admiration for my work, than these two lovely […]

One Person’s Naomi, is Another Person’s Omi.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. You’ve heard it a million times. I just had an experience that reminded me of this. You see, I really enjoy watching No Filter with Naomi, mostly because I enjoy and learn from the love with witch Naomi meets each guest. She seems to know them all so […]

Heaven on earth


today i called an uber and when i approached the uber to get inside, the driver locked the door, rolled down the window and asked my name this was an opportunity not to make assumptions as why this was happening, to not take it personally and to not make up a story about the driver, […]


Pop music means more to me than what one might see on the surface. It is a 3-5 minute expression of feelings that are often judged as superficial or trivial, and yet are feelings and experiences, none the less. The limited melodic format of pop music, combined with its repetition makes it intoxicating. And when […]


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photo by harald martin ferber
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fotógrafo: alejandro torres

en casa

Alejandro Torres came to visit me at my apartment in Mexico City.

fotógrafo: xavier aguirre palacios

de visita

xavier aguirre palacios took some photos of me during a visit.



THOUGHT HE HAD YOU (FUCKED UP) is: written, produced, recorded, and directed by yours truly. Thank you for your support. Please share the video and listen to the song on Spotify or any other streaming platform. Thank you. I love you.

The video is inspired by David (David and Goliath). We often forget that from time to time, we are David. And we are met with, what seem to be gargantuan problems. But, something as simple as a tool we use in our daily lives can bring said problems to their knees, if we are but able to remain calm and listen to ourselves. 

-heaven on earth

listen to the single on spotify

captures from the video

heaven on earth thought he had you fucked up song
thought he had you fucked up heaven on earth
thought he had you fucked up heaven on earth


S. Cummings  
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