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Use Your Head
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Thank you for joining me on this journey of creation.
Who Am I?
Heaven on Earth is a vibe, a lifestyle, a state of mind.  Join me as I cultivate my talents and use my unique perspective/world view to contribute to Art, in such a way that the field will never be the same.
What do I do?
I am Art. I studied Theatre Arts at Rutgers University. I create as an Actor, Musician, Dancer, and Film Maker; I am the renaissance (Hu)man.
The Journey:
I was 13 when made the decision to be an Artist, because I LOVE IT! 
Art is Life. It began with my infatuation with Pop Music. I would take VHS tapes and film my favorite music videos, then spend days learning all the choreography, lyrics, and general meaning behind choices, so that I could reenact them over and over…. and over.
I then started teaching myself to use a Digital Audio Workstation to create my own music!
All of this while working as an actor on stage in Philadelphia. 
Then, I began producing my own concerts, the process of which I found fascinating; creating the show, designing advertisements, designing the website, writing articles about the work. Everything! I love it! It is a dream come true.
I am learning to combine my taste for Pop Music and my Love of story telling in short and long form videos to share my love with the world.



Original music produced with the Digital Audio Workstation, FL Studio.


Micro and Full Length Art Music Videos, with elements of Drag, Pop Culture, and Mysticism.

Live Performance

Ranging from individual numbers to full length, multimedia concerts.


“…Produces forward-thinking, relevant and funny live theatre, and his work tackles issues like race, gender and sexual identity…”

-Billy Penn

“… Takes his wicked sense of humor towards the role the media plays in how we interpret the world and “the people that roam it.”  

-Fringe Arts