Are You?

Do you remember feeling that a role in a conversation, a joke, a performance, or an attitude was just so delicious? That embodying whatever you were embodying was so interesting, satisfying, and curious – even to you; the the medium through which this expression was realized? Can you recall the feeling of playing, in everyday life? At the convenience store? In the cab? On the phone with customer service?

I can certainly recall some delicious moments, when I chose to do exactly what interested me, regardless of societal protocol. These moments feel charged with energy and potential and they call our co-conspirators to play along with us. Doesn’t it seem that more often than not, people are willing to play with you?

What does it feel like, to make fun, play, enjoyment; the creation of delicious moments, a priority?

Are you willing to play?

Are you?

harald martin ferber



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