Then What?

What this life truly is, I am not certain of, on a conscious level. We have been told so many stories, whisper down the lane from, let’s say the time the pyramids were built, till now, some 5,000 years. The attempt to influence us is incessant. And sometimes we are not aware of our own intentions moment to moment, let alone those of others. Each and every one of us has a unique understanding of what is happening. We are all living in different worlds that have some basic, shared understandings. That is over 300 million worlds in the “US” alone.

Patterns seem to have a grip on this reality. Cycles. The planet making its tours around the sun. The moon and its phases. Cyclical weather. It goes on and on. So much so that we base society on these cycles. And what of our personal cycles? What rule do they have over our subconscious minds? And what of those who have managed to ascend to a place that grants them a broader view of this life? How are they influencing society, knowing they are conscious of things you are unconscious of?


Inside of us, there is a compass, that is unspoken. After all, spoken language is something that has been installed in us. It does not exist in nature. It was someone else’s idea and it has been put in your head against your will, in order to navigate society. But, before spoken language, our ancestors must have had a way of hearing, seeing, understanding the intuition we have all experienced on various levels. For them, was this intuition clearer, since they were, I imagine, less distracted than we are? These people managed to survive, be innovative, and create without the luxuries you demand today.

Places didn’t have names and there were no Google reviews of the grassy fields they encountered, warning them of what was there. They discovered on their own. What are you discovering on your own? Whose Life are you living?

Recently, I remembered; we are living on the same rock that The Bible speaks of. This is the same place. Water. It was here back then too. The same water. With the “story” of the world being taught to us in institutions, we think of it as this distant thing. As though it were another place. It was not. This is the same place and you are no different from the people that were around when the pyramids were built. You are their children. Have you forgotten?

You are not an American, an Indian, a Mexican… you are the fruit of this planet that exists without a name. It requires no name. Just like you. You are not all of these ideas. These ideas came into existence to help easily point to an experience you are having, not to define you. Have you ever heard the saying, “you can’t get wet from the word water?” These names and ideas; gay, straight, black, white, introvert, extrovert they are symbols pointing to experiences that are constantly changing. What would happen if you thought of them as such?

You are unlimited.

Think on that.


Without limit.

You know all the people that have done things we deem extraordinary? Extraordinary: outside the normal course of events. Like olympians, inventors, philosophers, artists and such. They are you. What if you saw them as a reminder of what you can do, when you step outside the normal course of action?

Then what?

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