Nothing To See Here

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Circle Circle, Dot Dot…

I bet we all miss the days of cootie shots

Getting your Cootie shot was a no-brainer, back in the day. Back when children were the medical professionals of the playground. Now, it seems the playground has grown to the size of the entire planet. But, do not let that overwhelm you. I’m here to tell you, the future is ours!We are a non-profit organization, we are looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other to join hands together to bring a better future for all children.

Sexual Health

whack on, whack off

People all over the world have proven that when left to their own devices… they will masturbate with them. But, with Social Distancing at an all time high, will we lean to heavily on self pleasure?

Mary Vice Inside The Green Room

Drag in the age of Social Distancing

Mary Vice answers questions on #Streamworks, her seamstress skills, and her relationship with San Francisco.

Instagram Curated

Le Gram

Check out these Instagram users that do far more than live a fantasy.

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    today i called an uber and when i approached the uber to get inside, the driver locked the door, rolled down the window and asked my name this was an opportunity not to make assumptions as why this was happening, to not take it personally and to not make up a story about the driver, […]
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    Pop music means more to me than what one might see on the surface. It is a 3-5 minute expression of feelings that are often judged as superficial or trivial, and yet are feelings and experiences, none the less. The limited melodic format of pop music, combined with its repetition makes it intoxicating. And when […]
  • i gotta let it go
    i have been reading Robert Greene’s book, Mastery. i reached the chapter on social intelligence and it talks about having a naïve way of thinking that projects identities, ideal identities onto those in our lives, which of course leads to devastating disappointment when these people reveal themselves with time. And you think, “but how?” because […]

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