Heaven on Earth

“You’ll hit gold more often if you simply try out a lot of things.”― Ira Glass The renewable resource that, for all my life, has fueled the vehicle that drives me, is the search for GOLD. And so, I have tried a lot of things and found gold here and there, but mostly gold plated rocks. But, […]

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How can it be that I have devoted myself to Meditation, Mindfulness, and Love and still I am overcome with this feeling of loneliness, despair, and suffering? This is the thought I found myself juggling with five days ago as I sat on the nightstand in my room crying, unsure of how I would move […]

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Slowly, and yet, All of a Sudden.

It was in my late twenties, just before my Saturn Returns, that it became clear to me; there is a pattern, a formula for the experience of life. At that time, I couldn’t imagine what it was, but I knew I so desperately wanted to discover it. I could see that all the excuses I […]

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